Easy Meetings is a dedicated and highly secure video conferencing platform that allows you to conduct live interactive online classes, conferences or meetings.

Our meetings are available for Windows, Mac, and for Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. Our service are optimized for Google Chrome, Firefox and all modern browsers. At EasyMeetings we pride ourselves on simplicity and easy so you can focus on what you do best!


We offer a very simple, safe and fully dedicated private solution for schools, institutions and businesses in general who are currently using un-secure video conferencing systems for conducting Video Lessons or Meetings.

In fact, many countries are banning the use of popular video platforms such as Skype, Zoom etc. for Education and official use due to lack of privacy and a high-security risk.

What is a virtual classroom?
Admin Sets up a Virtual classroom/meeting room and each Classroom/Room will have a unique URL and passcode.

Teachers and Students can open a web browser, enter the unique web-link (URL), and enter a password to join the Virtual Classroom/Meeting. The Live classroom has a Digital Whiteboard for the Teacher/Presenters to draw things on and share Presentations, Videos or their screens/desktops.

The students can view the Teacher via Video, see the Whiteboard, raise their hand and ask questions via Chat/Audio/Video etc.

What are the advantages of your platform vs others?

  1. We host the platform on dedicated cloud infrastructure, which can be per client as well for maximum security.
  2. Each classroom gets an advanced Interactive White Board that supports inputs from digital pens, touch screens etc.
  3. You can conduct unlimited hours of sessions per month.
  4. Our platform is completely Ad-Free and free of unwanted tracking by third-party apps.
  5. Students are more engaged with tools such as chat, discussion boards, polls and emojis.
  6. Scalable to support a large number of participants.
  7. We support Live Recording of classes.
  8. We support shared notes, media files and presentations.

Can the software be used for Businesses?
Yes. Each our platform is custom-built for each client and comes to you installed on a fully secured dedicated server.

Employees, vendors, partners, and customers can have virtual face-to-face web conferencing via our App or we can integrate Virtual Classrooms with your website, CMS, ERP or LMS.

You can conduct Staff/Customer training even when the stakeholders are on the move. They can access the eLearning material and attend the live session from their smartphones, tablets or laptops.